"Me Mindset" Lifestyle Challenge

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you deserve...

in just 6 days!

November 15-20, 2021

Multiply Your Magic Challenge

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in just 28 days!

What Champion Unicorn can teach you about Multiply Your Magic!

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With the "me Mindset" Lifestyle Challenge...

"Me Mindset" Lifestyle Challenge
6-Day LIVE Challenge Coaching

($295 VALUE)

This live training makes it easy for you to learn in real time and get all your burning questions answered right away. Learn effective strategies and connect with an instructor who has been right where you are and can help you make yourself a priority fast.

The "Me Mindset" Lifestyle
Workbook and Guide

($45 VALUE)

This downloadable workbook holds the keys to learning hands-on how to decrease your stress and build confidence. Record your progress and set your goals with a tool you can  use over and over to stay on track.

"Me Mindset" Lifestyle Exclusive Community Membership

($195 VALUE)

This private challenge group makes it easy to connect with fellow attendees. Build new relationships with people struggling with the same things as you and create the supportive circle of friends that you need in order to reach your goals.


 BONUS #1:  5 Days Live Q&A Coaching + BONUS Session
This Bonus Q&A session lets you ask Michelle your most important questions. Get personal access to support and coaching from Michelle. Use this session to get a jump start on making yourself a priority by making sure you understand each step of this challenge.

($95 VALUE)

 BONUS #2: Calm in the Chaos Webinar 
This webinar gives you the secret to incorporating calm moments into the chaos that life brings. Discover that it doesn't take as much as you think to reduce stress in the moment and integrate calming practices into your everyday life. Let Michelle teach you the strategies you need tofeel more present and engaged.

($25 VALUE)

 BONUS #3: "Me Mindset" Lifestyle Challenge Slides
This slide deck makes it a snap to review your Me Mindset Challenge sessions. Revisit the Me Mindset principles whenever you start to feel off course. This slide deck is a super useful tool to help you continue to learn to make yourself a priority and create the life you deserve.

($95 VALUE)

hurry! Enrollment closes in...

At this exclusive challenge you'll learn to create the life you deserve.
You can regain your confidence, discover new interests and passions, and even have time in your day to do what you want!

Heck, you may even see that you are capable of great things!

In fact, here's just a sample of what you can expect at this exclusive free challenge:

 • Find the strength you need to take that first most important step...

 • Take responsibility for what you are allowing and stand up for yourself...

 • Learn to be intentional with your choices...

 • Take care of yourself and make yourself proud...

 • Find support by surrounding yourself with the right people...

... and much, MUCH More!
Building on the success I had in transforming my own life, I decided to create a program to help people like me to live their best life.
We call it the "Me Mindset" Lifestyle Challenge.

here's everything you'll get...

  • "Me Mindset" Lifestyle Challenge Sessions: 6-Day LIVE Challenge Coaching ($295 Value)
  • The "Me Mindset" Lifestyle Workbook and Guide: QuickStart Downloadable Workbook ($45 Value)
  • ​"Me Mindset" Group: Exclusive Community Membership ($195 Value)
  • ​BONUS #1: 5 Days Live Q&A Coaching + BONUS Session ($95 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Michelle's Calm in the Chaos Webinar ($25 Value)
  • ​BONUS #3: "Me Mindset" Lifestyle Challenge Slides ($95 Value)


$750 Free!


"Michelle is an enthusiastic, energetic and engaging presenter. Michelle is a fierce advocate for women in the towing industry and beyond. I personally can’t wait to see what she will accomplish next.”

—Cynthia Martineau, Executive Director, TRAA

“Michelle has inspired gratefulness and gratitude by always being supportive and showing the good in every situation. Even on the hardest, most struggling moments, she has inspired me to look toward the future and the light behind the cloud.”

—Samantha Janke

frequently asked questions

 How do I get my burning questions answered? 

At the end of every daily session, Michelle will host a Q&A where you and all participants will be able to ask your burning questions. 

 Challenges are awesome but I am concerned it wont work for me.

As long as you follow the proven challenge framework Michelle teaches you will see results.

 How the "Me Mindset" Lifestyle Challenge different from any other programs?

The "Me Mindset" Lifestyle Challenge is all about getting real results. Of course, I share information with you, but the real emphasis is on getting results. There’s live teaching, coaching calls, and accountability provided to ensure you take the actions necessary.

 When will we get access to all these amazing things?

Your challenge session starts on Monday, November 15th. Many of your "Me Mindset" Bonuses will be delivered LIVE and rolled out daily precisely when you need them, so you can apply the information at just the right time. I aim to reduce the overwhelm for my students and give you exactly what you need, when you need it.

 What if I miss a session?

We know you'll get the most value from a live, interactive session, but you can access daily session recordings within the exclusive "Me Mindset" Lifestyle Challenge Facebook Group .

 How long will this offer last?

This special offer goes away forever at Midnight on Sunday, November 14th! 

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